Learn Something Sew Cool at Bove Sewing Center

Learn Something Sew Cool at Bove Sewing Center

Adult and children sewing classes in Lufkin, Texas

If you’d like to learn a handy and productive new skill you can use throughout your life, you should definitely sign up for one of our super sewing classes.

At Bove Sewing Center, you can learn how to sew in as little as four weeks! We offer both children and adult sewing classes in Lufkin, TX. Training sessions are once a week for four weeks at a time. We offer kids camp during the month of July. We are now taking sign-ups for our adult sewing classes that will be on Thursday nights from 6-9pm

Bring your machine or rent one from us! Our sewing professionals know all the ins-and-outs of sewing. They can help you become a “sew pro” in no time!

Please join us for one of our sewing classes in Lufkin, TX – just get in touch with the Bove Sewing Center today to get started.

There are plenty of reasons to learn to sew!

There are plenty of reasons to learn to sew!

Learning to sew comes with more benefits than you might think. Adding sewing to your catalog of skills can not only provide you with handy knowledge – it can become a new creative outlet as well.

Here are some great things that sewing can do for you that you might not have thought about:

• Sewing can save your money – you'll be able to fix rips and holes in old clothes.
• Sewing can bring out your creativity – as you can literally stitch together whatever you want!
• Sewing can be a great hobby – as it makes for a peaceful and productive independent activity.

To learn more about our sewing classes, contact the Bove Sewing Center today.